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高一牛津英语下学期 Module 2 The natural world Unit 4 Creatures large and small
New words and expressions: absence disorder property bite pest creature rate shelter view poison disturb stir survive emerge occur hibernate artificial get one’s point have sth. in common upside down continuously rarely
  1. shelter n. 庇护所,避难所,庇护,隐蔽处,掩蔽 vt. 庇护,保护,隐匿 vi. 躲避 We took shelter from the storm in a department store. We sheltered under a tree until the shower passed.
  2. survive vi. 幸存,活下来 These plants cannot survive in very cold conditions. vt. 比…活得长,经历…之后还存在 Most parents expect that their children will survive them. Did anyone survive the explosion? The house survived the storm. 经过暴风雨袭击, 这所房屋并未倒塌。
  3. emerge e- out 出来,外 + merge 没入水里 vi. 出现;显出;暴露 The ship emerged from behind the fog. 船从雾里露了出来。 He merged from the accident unharmed.
  4. bored adj. 感到厌烦的;无聊的 Be bored with 对…感到厌烦 boredom n. 无聊;厌烦;枯燥
  5. elastic adj. 有弹力的,有弹性的 Rubber is elastic. adj. 可伸缩的,灵活的 Our plans are fairly elastic. n. 松紧带,橡皮圈 The elastic in my clothes has gone.
  6. treat n./v. 招待,款待;治疗;处理
腾飞教育网 www.tfedu.org
腾飞教育网 www.tfedu.org
treat...as 作为…对待 Treat other people in the manner that you wish them to treat you. 你希望别人如何待你,就应该如果待别人。 treat sb. with sth. 用来招待
  7. get one’s point 明白 keep to the point 围绕主题 sentences: Key sentences:
  1. Surviving winter in them, the spiders emerge healthy and hungry when spring comes.
  2. It’s the silk the spiders make their webs with. More reading: While some animals hibernate in the winter, what do many birds do to cope with the cold weather? They migrate to warmer climates. In the case of some animals, local weather conditions and lack of food determine when or if they migrate. The mystery of hibernation No human has ever experienced hibernation, and yet many creatures experience it every year. Read the following article from a science magazine to see what hibernation is all about.
  8.hibernation n. 过冬,冬眠 Hibernation is a state often compared to sleep. hibernate v. to spend the winter in a deep, sleep-like state 冬眠 Not all the animals hibernate in winter.
  9.mystery n. 奥秘;奇迹 Mystery of nature 自然界的奥秘 mysterious adj. 神秘的;诡秘的;故弄玄虚的
  10.experience n./v. 经历
  11.have sth. in common 有共同之处 to share the same features with 和…有共同的特征 have nothing/ much in common 没有/有很多共同点
  12.survive the cold weather/the absence of food 在寒冷天气/缺少食物下存活
  13. hang upside down 倒挂
  14. slow down 减速;使变得迟钝
  15. in contrast to 相比之下
  16. be filled with 充满
  17. awake adj. 醒着的,觉醒的,洞察的 He was the only one boy awake at that time. This thought kept me awake all night. vt./vi. 醒,唤醒 She usually awakes at six.
腾飞教育网 www.tfedu.org
腾飞教育网 www.tfedu.org
vt./vi. (使)醒,弄醒 I was awakened by the alarm o’clock. Key sentences:
  1. What do bears, bats and frogs have in common? They all hibernate.
  2. Hibernation is a state often compared to sleep.
  3. It usually occurs in winter, when a creature does not move for weeks or months continuously.
  4. Another hibernating creature is the bear. In contrast to other creatures, hibernating bears do not appear as though they are dead, but seem as though they are very sleepy. If they are disturbed during hibernation, they can get up very quickly. While hibernating, bears stay in their dens, which are filled with leaves to make their stay more comfortable and warmer. In spring, having awakened, they leave their dens, thin and hungry.
高一牛津英语下学期 Module 3 Ideas and viewpoints
Unit 5 Problems and advice
anonymously adv. 匿名地;无名地 anonymous adj. 匿名的;无名的;假名的;不具名的;无个性特征的 an anonymous letter 匿名信 an anonymous gift 不留赠送者姓名的礼物 counselor n. 指导;顾问 counsel v. 劝告;建议 guidance counselor 指导顾问 New New words and phrases: behaviour conscience case miss hesitate persuade temporarily at this point counsellor transport purchase suffer contact accidentally grumble about violence

  1. accidentally adv. 意外地,偶然地 acccidental adj. 意外的,偶然的 accident n. 事故,意外 by accident =by chance 例句: Don’t blame him too much. He dropped the vase accidentally. 别太责怪他,他是失手打碎花瓶的。 cf. accident/ incident
  2. narrowly adv. 狭隘的
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腾飞教育网 www.tfedu.org
narrow adj. 狭窄的 narrow-minded/ opened minded 保守的/开放的思想
  3. miss sth 错过 miss doing 错过做某事 The hunter shot at the hare but missed it. 猎人向野兔开了枪但没射中。
  4. question vt./n. 问题;难题;疑问 out of the question: impossible 不可能的 out of question: no problem 毫无疑问,无疑的 cf. be questioned/ be wanted 审问 Success is only a question of time. Without question/ without doubt 毫无疑问
  5. present v./n. 目前,现在;出席;礼物 Cf. be present at/ be absent from 出席/缺席 at present 目前,现在 present n. gift 礼物 v. present sth. to sb. 把…赠送给;向某人呈现
  6. temporary adj. 临时的;短暂的 例句: The company has a large workforce of permanent and temporary staff. temporarily adv. 临时地;暂时地 This office is closed temporarily for remodel.
  7. guilty adj. 内疚的;有罪的 n. 内疚 a sense of guilt 内疚感 例句: After so many years, I still feel guilty about not having given her the help she needed. 经过这么多年以后,我仍然为当年没有在他需要的时候没能给他帮助而感到内疚。
  8. conscience 良心;愧疚 have a clear/guilty … 问心无愧/有愧的 have no conscience 没有良心的 cf. conscious 意识 be conscious of 意识到 lose conscious 失去意识 例句 I had a guilty conscience about not telling her the truth. 我因为没有告诉她事实真相而感到内疚。 A good conscience is a soft pillow. 问心无愧,高枕无忧。 A quiet conscience sleeps in thunder. 没做亏心事,不怕鬼叫门。 a matter of conscience 要凭良心来决定的问题
  9. assistant n. 助手
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腾飞教育网 www.tfedu.org
assist v. 援助
  10. grumble at /to sb about /over sth 向某人抱怨某事 They always find something to grumble about. syn. complain
  11. behave v. (行为或举止)表现 behave oneself 使举止规矩 The children do not know how to behave themselves decently. 小孩子不懂得怎样举止得体。 behaviour n. 行为,举止,表现
  12. point n. 小数点,标点,得分,穴位 vt. 指出,瞄准 vi. 指,指向,表明 at this point 这时候 to the point 直奔主题 His speech is short and to the point. point at/ to/ toward sb. /sth 指着,瞄准 point sth./at sb./sth.
  13. as planned = as we had planned 按计划 The concert will be held as planned. As expected, there was a large audience at the concert. Key sentences:
  1. I was visiting a close friend in her new high-rise flat when she accidentally knocked a flowerpot from her window.
  2. It smashed to the ground below, narrowly missing some children at play.
  3. On our way out, we stopped to take a look, but no one was hurt, so we said nothing and left for the cinema as planned.
  4. After questioning him, they let him go temporarily.
  5. Frightened, my friend has said nothing to the police.
  6. Though no one was hurt, I have a guilty conscience and …
  7. Their behavior was so bad that it made him move to another seat, but that did no good.
  8. I regret not helping him, but not being Superman and hating violence, what should I do?
  9. On discovering the error, I went back and tried to tell her.
  10. That did it! More reading:
  14. hesitate v. 犹豫;踌躇;含糊 hesitation n. 犹豫;踌躇;口吃 He offered me help without hesitation.
  15. case n. 事例;情况;案例;病例 In case of fire, please dial 1
  19. 如遇火灾,请拨打 1
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腾飞教育网 www.tfedu.org
In that case 即使那样的话 In any case 无论如何 In no case 绝不
  16. persuade vt. 说服,使相信 Who persuaded you to join this society? 谁说服你参加这个团体? We persuaded Harry that he was wrong. 我们使亨利相信是他错了。 persuasive adj. 有说服力的,使人信服的 persuasion n. 说服,劝说
  17. contact n./v. 接触;联络;遇见 be in contact with 和...接触,有联系 lose contact with 和...失去联系 be out of contact with 和...接触,有联系 have contact with 接触到,和...有联系 make contact with 和...接触/联系
  18. suffer vt. 遭受,患病(from) suffer from cold and hunger 饥寒交迫 suffer from floods 遭受水灾 He suffered from poverty all his life. The child suffers from measles. My father suffers from high blood pressure. vi. 变糟,变坏 His homework is suffering because of family problem.
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